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With the Ultimate Access License you gain access to all our Add-ins! (SharePoint Document Merge, SharePoint ShortUrl, ShortUrl App, SharePoint Page Tour, SharePoint Page Guide, SharePoint PDF Wizard, SharePoint Image…


SharePoint ShortUrl Online

SharePoint ShortUrl App is a SharePoint Online (Office 365) App that allows the creation and use of vanity and shortcut hyperlinks fully integrated within the SharePoint Online environment. SharePoint ShortUrl…


Cirrus Soft has provided us with a very useful product. The flexibility of the product is observed in several key areas and the support from the supplier has been outstanding.

Dave Hamu

I was impressed with many aspects of ShortUrl. One of those aspects is that SharePoint ShortUrl is written as SharePoint software, and it stores all the ShortUrls as items in a SharePoint list.

Todd Klindt

SharePoint MVP