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Shorten Urls! ShortUrl allows the creation of vanity and shortcut hyperlinks within SharePoint.

The SharePoint ShortUrl Add-in makes sharing information simple by allowing you to create Short links to any content from within SharePoint!

For example, compare the following hyperlink to a folder in a document library: Documents/Documents/SharePointShortUrl_APP_About.docx

When you use the SharePoint ShortUrl Add-in it can also be shortened to:

SharePoint ShortUrl provides you with a choice of sensible, secure domain names from which to create ShortUrl’s. You are able to define which domain is used as the default within your SharePoint environment and each of these separate domains will also work for any ShortUrl created against the default instance. Thus, you can share any of the domains with your ShortUrl and they will work!

SharePoint ShortUrl Add-in Domains: | | |

With the SharePoint ShortUrl Add-in you can create ShortUrl’s directly from the Ribbon Menu and/or any List/Library Items Context Menu. If a ShortUrl has already been created, you can instantly copy to the clipboard, email the link directly (the link will be opened in your email client), Share via QR Code and other Social Sharing options. ShortUrl’s are stored in a regular SharePoint List (named ‘ShortUrl’) that is located in each Site that the SharePoint ShortUrl is installed. All ShortUrl’s are processed on our Secure Servers, meaning we handle the resource load externally from SharePoint.

SharePoint ShortUrl Add-in Feature Overview:

> Create ShortUrl’s for any Page, List Item Document, View, External links.

> Up to 3 FREE auto generated Shortened Hyperlinks.

> Easy access via Ribbon Menu and each Items Context Menu.

> Open email client with ShortUrl for sending.

> Date expiry for short lived Hyperlinks.

> Select Redirect Type (301 and 307) for ShortUrl.

> Detailed ShortUrl Statistics (Countries, Top Referrers, Browsers, and Operating Systems).

> QR Code for ShortUrl’s.

> Easy Social Sharing for ShortUrl’s.

> Password Protected ShortUrl’s.

> Set Total Uses for ShortUrl’s.

> Office Web Apps ShortUrl’s.

> Simple – Very easy to use, no training – Improves productivity!

> Choice of secure (https://) Domain to use.

> Up to 3 Free Custom created ShortUrl’s (APP Key is required).

Depending on the License Type and App Key, SharePoint ShortUrl works as detailed below;

FREE SharePoint Online Add-in License:

SharePoint ShortUrl is available for Free on the Office Store as a SharePoint Add-in and on installation allows users to create up to 5 FREE auto generated ShortUrl’s for any content.


Standard / Enterprise License (Free Trial allows creation of 3 custom ShortUrl’s for FREE):

To enable SharePoint ShortUrl to generate custom ShortUrl’s unique to your organization an App Key is required. The process to registering your Username/Subdomain is simple and fast (visit Once you have registered your SharePoint ShortUrl App Key you will be able to activate and update the ‘ShortUrlAppKey’ List that comes as part of the SharePoint ShortUrl Add-in.


Ultimate License:

The SharePoint ShortUrl Ultimate License provides your own Custom Domain with all of the great features as an App Solution to deploy.


Please visit for more information.

*Free version of Short URL only allows URLs from ( and You will need a License to create a Short URL for any destination link.

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  • Standard
    • £ 1499 Yearly
      • Up to 250 Tenant Users In Organisation
      • Custom Reserved Subdomian
      • Custom Short URL Names
      • Premium Support
      • SharePoint Versions: Online, 2019, 2016, 2013

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  • Enterprise
    • £ 2499 Yearly
      • Up to 1000 Tenant Users In Organisation
      • Custom Reserved Subdomian
      • Custom Short URL Names
      • Premium Support
      • SharePoint Versions: Online, 2019, 2016, 2013

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Best Choice
  • Ultimate
    • £ 3999* Yearly
      • Starting Above 1000 Tenant Users In Organisation
      • Your Own Dedicated Domain
      • Custom Short URL Names
      • Premium Support
      • SharePoint Versions: Online, 2019, 2016, 2013

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