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Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Services

Cloud computing has been at the helm of digital transformations across industries.

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services facilitates users to combine public cloud and private cloud features. Because of advanced networking, they can create a site-to-site VPN between on-premises and the Windows Azure cloud, allowing both clouds to appear on the same network.

The hybrid architecture enables organizations to run and shift workloads wherever and whenever it makes sense by leveraging multiple-premise network access and seamless virtual machine migration on-premise and off-premise.

APPS 365’s Microsoft Azure Managed Services allow businesses to run, administer and scrutinize on-premise and off-premise infrastructure and applications in the cloud.

What does hybrid cloud imply to IT pros, and why is it being used by so many businesses?

Microsoft conducted a survey of “private cloud or on-premises resources/applications integrated with one or more public clouds”.

You can review the summary infographic of the survey.

A few survey highlights:

  • Hybrid clouds are popular; with 67 percent of respondents saying they are using or planning to use one. Many of those hybrid users have just made the switch, with 54 percent making the switch in the last two years.
  • The perceived benefits of hybrid cloud, as well as some of the problems, differ depending on respondents’ geographic location. Increased security was recognized as the top benefit in the United Kingdom and Germany, while higher scalability of computing resources was cited as the top benefit in the United States.
  • Controlling where vital data is stored was the most common use case for hybrid cloud, accounting for 71% of responses. At 69 percent, using the cloud for backup and disaster recovery came in second.
  • Moving to a hybrid cloud was cited as a good idea for cost savings, a consistent IT experience, and the flexibility to scale quickly.

For more download and share the infographic on the state of today’s hybrid cloud.

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Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud infrastructure services by APPS 365 will aid you with

  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: At APPS 365, we provide users a azure hybrid cloud infrastructure that combines public and private cloud functionalities. We’ll also assist with capacity optimization between on-premise Azure cloud and Azure cloud, bringing the two together on the same secure network.
  • Active Directory Services for Azure and on-premises: Use Active Directory Services for Azure and on-premises to deploy and manage your applications.
  • SharePoint on Azure: Allows users to create, deploy, and govern SharePoint environments on Azure across numerous instances and virtual machines (VMs).
  • SQL on Azure: This allows you to set up and manage SQL infrastructure in the cloud. Windows Azure allows you to build data on the cloud quickly and easily while lowering your infrastructure expenditures. Compatibility with existing and hybrid applications is available for businesses looking for high-performance SQL.
  • Develop and test on Azure: Shift development and testing to Windows Azure Infrastructure Services environments to improve continuous quality and reliability. We’ll assist you in setting up and managing virtual machines for development, deployment, and testing. CIRRUS SOFT will also aid you with speedy application development, deployment, and testing environments.
  • On Azure, you can also manage app backup storage and integration.


Our Azure professionals will assist you with organizing and orchestrating virtual machines for development, build, installation, and testing. APPS 365 will help you create rapid development, deployment, and testing environments for application projects in the staging and production stages.

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APPS 365 is a renowned Microsoft Technologies-based boutique in UK. We aim to help our customers improve business productivity by rendering help in their digital transformation journey and provide solutions that help enhance extensive, feature-rich association, and custom workflows throughout your organization.

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We believe in excellence in whatever we do. To give our clients the best services and solutions, our efforts are well guided by our defined global standards in quality management.

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We believe in on-time delivery of the project. We have successfully delivered; even with tight deadlines and even if it’s on short notice.

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We ensure end-to-end data security, scalability, and migration to develop flexible cloud-based solutions and applications. We adhere to all the data compliances and data security laws. We deliver secure solutions ensuring a smooth transfer of information, confidential/private or otherwise.

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With a bouquet of versatile professionals, we promise you the fastest turnaround time.

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Our domain expertise surpasses all boundaries and we are at the forefront of digital transformation in Web, Mobile, and Cloud technologies. We deliver innovative and intelligent solutions. Our agile process-driven approach ensures effectiveness and competence for the definitive transformation of the business.

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