Business Case

One of the renowned clients from the USA having an infrastructure and restoration business needed software that could help him plan, supervise, track, and list his activities. Also, the software should successfully collaborate with customers online in terms of tracking problems, feedbacks, and work completion. The client after using the system wanted to promote it to others so that other businesses can be benefited using the same.

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Technical Objectives

  • The main purpose of this system by using Microsoft latest technologies like Azure cloud platform with office 365 Integration was to showcase a true cloud-based platform
  • It also allows you to store project-related files and documents in the cloud and sync them in real-time with client machines, just like Dropbox
  • The system is well integrated with many third-party service providers for email management and payment processing for subscribers, and it has features for creating schedules like Microsoft Project and integrating details with One Note.

Technology Used:

  • Microsoft Azure – Storage, Application Insights, Cache, Azure Search, CDN
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Net Framework 4.5.1
  • Mandril integration for Emails and Templates
  • PayPal Integration
  • One Note Integration

Features of Global Admin Panel

This site is used by the Administrator (one member panel website)

  1. Organization Management
  2. Manage Default Users
  3. Manage Master Workflow
  4. Manage Role
  5. Manage Settings
  6. Manage Masters
  7. Manage Email Templates
  8. Configure Subscription Plans
  9. Help Content
  10. Manage Outlook Add-ons

Features of Public Site: This is a portal where customers of a particular product can register themselves and subscribe for a demo or buy a product.

Our Solution

Looking at the client’s business requirements at CIRRUS SOFT we had proposed a robust technical solution as below:

  • Azure cloud – for hosting and storage
  • APIs: for customer-specific data distribution and integration
  • Azure SQL Database: for Scalability and robust OLTP to cater to heavy load
  • Office 365 integration like outlook and OneNote
  • Web UIs and Mobile friendly responsive layout


The system was divided into three user-facing systems to support any workflow-based business model. The noticeable benefits of the same are:

Features for Members Panel:

  1. This is the main user-facing website used by staff of an organization and customers
  2. Workflow Management
  3. Scheduler
  4. Manage To-do and Workflow Tasks
  5. Issue Management
  6. Manage Settings as per Organizations
  7. Role & Permission Management
  8. User & External User Management
  9. Manage Email template
  10. Branding and Theme
  11. Job Management
  12. Document Management by Job, Issue, Task
  13. User and Service based Subscription
  14. Outlook Add-in for Export emails to jobs, Sync Contacts, and Tasks
  15. Employee Center
  16. Calendar
  17. Email-based Issue Reporting
  18. Email Notification
  19. Help – ScreenTip tour, Zen desk integration, Video tour, Report issue
  20. One Note integration
  21. Exception Logging
  22. Opt-out
  23. System Generalization – Manage each Module & Field-label as per Organization
  24. Search Generalization – Dynamic Search & Filter
  25. Manage Master of Organization
  26. Dynamic Custom Fields
  27. Dropbox Integration