Performance Management System

Business Case

One of our clients in the USA worked on a manual system to carry out the appraisals and equity adjustments. The HR of the company had a lot of follow up’s as the entire process was carried on via excel spreadsheets, and emails. Also, there was no transparency for the manager to know about the loopholes (if any). We created a system that is supported by Microsoft Flow, and Microsoft Power Apps to automate this process for the management.

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Technical Objectives

  • Making the clearance process more automated
  • Streamlining the application submission process. This was done by retrieving the next-in-line approvers from the AD by traversing the organizational structure.
  • Sending out email reminders


Technology Used

Our solution was based on the following technologies:

  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Microsoft Flow



  • Obtaining approvers from the organization’s hierarchy
  • More effective authorization management
  • The procedure is now more transparent and efficient
  • Responsive system


We used Microsoft Power Apps to construct a form that a manager can submit on behalf of his subordinates. Depending on the approver’s load based on the hierarchy, and the roles provided in the organization’s structure the manager can edit (if needed) the application while it is submitted.

When an application is filed, it becomes read-only until all of the line’s approvers have given their approval. We utilized Microsoft Flow to automate the approval process, which also manages the application’s permissions and sends out follow-up emails.

As a result of this setup, we now have a transparent system in which the manager is always aware of the application status, HR no longer has to do manual follow-ups, and if the application is rejected, all the stakeholders are aware of the reason for rejection, this helps the manager to adjust and resubmit the application.