ShortUrl List and SURLStatus

ShortUrl List and SURLStatus

The Following describes the ShortUrl List Field – SURLStatus.

SharePoint ShortUrl works by storing data in a list situated at the root site of the Web Application. This List is administered automatically by a timer job (This runs every 15 minutes). The timer job will test each ShortUrl in turn and ensure that they resolve correctly.

SURLStatus is the Status of the ShortUrl, controlled by the Admin Timer Job. (Active – Link working | Expired – Link has expiry date and this has passed, Link goes to expiry page | No Response – Link does not resolve | External Link – The link is external from your SharePoint Sites)

If you find that the SURLStatus of Links that you know resolve are set to ‘No Response’ instead of ‘Active’ when the Time Job runs. The problem is caused by the account which is running the timer job service. The call to the Full Url is made by the account running the timer job service, in environments where a web proxy or user policy is used this account may or may not have access the the internet or Full Url.

1) Find out which account is running the timer service.

2) Log on to the central administration server with this account and try to access the internet, or ideally paste into a browser one of the full url’s from the list.

3) Grant the appropriate Access to this Account